The Kehilah 2020, or K20, initiative is working to meet the need for new leaders who are gifted, trained, and called to serve the unique Messianic Jewish vision in their generation. 2020 refers to a ten-year trajectory of congregational development, beginning in 2010. It also refers to 20-20 vision, with a focus on raising up leaders for the future.

In recent years a wide spectrum of resources has been developed to encourage, educate, and train young leaders. Kehilah 2020 will bring all these resources to bear on the challenge of creating a thriving Messianic Jewish future, through:

  1. Identifying, recruiting, and helping equip new congregational leaders.
  2. Initiating new congregations wherever needed.
  3. Providing placement and career tracking for new leaders in new or existing congregations.
  4. Developing financial resources to support the training and placement of leaders, and the start-up of new congregations.

The goal for 2020 is a thriving new or renewed Messianic Jewish congregation in every significant Jewish population center in the US. Messianic Jewish congregations, as understood in the UMJC community, may include Gentiles as well as Jews but are uniquely recognizable as places where Jewish people can encounter Yeshua as Messiah and live for him as Jews.

You can be part of this great and awe inspiring process to continue reflecting His Kingdom in the world!

There are many places to get a religious education.  See a couple places that the UMJC recommends!


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