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Fall classes are starting soon, and we want to see you take some!

From the cantorial program, to foundation courses, to beginning Hebrew, we got it all.

This fall starts the new Graduate Certificate in Cantorial Arts program.  The Cantorial program is a two year program offered to students who are called by God to serve as cantors in Messianic Jewish congregations. Upon completing this program successfully, graduates will earn the title Cantor/Hazzan.  Wouldn’t you like to learn how to chant Torah?  We have a class for that.

The foundation courses offered this quarter are particularly good for those of you who are interested in Jewish roots.

Would you like to learn some Hebrew?  Beginning Hebrew starts this semester as well.

Application and Registration Forms are available at For questions e-mail or call 352.874.7644.

Here is the list of the courses being offered:  MJTI 1st Quarter 2012-2013 Schedule

Foundation Courses  — October 13 – December 2, 2013

F113 Jewishness of the New Testament
Instructor: Barney Kasdan

This course will also be offered live at the Messianic Jewish Institute of San Diego.
F116 Messianic Apologetics

Instructor: Eric Chabot

H101 Intro to Hebrew 1

Instructor: Marcy Kotting

*H101 Dates: October 6-November 10, 2013* Prerequisite: Students will be required to learn the aleph-bet and vowels prior to the beginning of the course, either via other on-line resources or    materials that are available from the instructor upon registration. This course will be conducted by conference call.

The four-course Biblical Hebrew series H101-H104 satisfies the one year college requirement for the Master of Jewish Studies degree, and may be taken by those who have not had     previous experience in reading or writing Hebrew.


Cantorial Arts Courses — October 13 – December 16, 2013 

C501 The Art of Chanting Torah

Instructor: Cantor Rivka Isachar-Benjamin
C502 Shabbat Evening Repertoire

Instructor: Cantor Peter Gordon
Rabbinical Course — October 13 – December 16, 2013


RP510 Congregational Growth and Development

Instructors: Rabbi Richard Nichol and Rabbi Stuart Dauermann

Those who serve their synagogues as rabbis, assistant rabbis, cantors, administrators, Shabbat School directors, elders, Shamashim, or who have other recognized roles in their congregations, are  invited to take this course.


Graduate Studies — October 13 – December 16, 2013

H504 Modern Judaism

Instructor: Mark S. Kinzer

This course is required for the SJS Master of Jewish Studies Degree.
 S620 Messianic Jewish Hermeneutics

Instructor: Paul L. Saal This course is an elective.
SL502 Jewish Practices in Messianic Context

Instructor: David Friedman

This course is required for the SJS Master of Jewish Studies degree and the Graduate Certificate in Messianic Jewish Studies.
  *Note: SL502 begins September 29, 2013*

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