Kabbetz HaEsrim 2013!

***SAVE THE DATE***      April 4 – April 6   2013 in Columbus Ohio!It is almost time for our ANNUAL TWENTIES CONFERENCE!!! :-)ARE WE PREPARED? A Generational Vision”He will go out ahead of Adonai in the spirit and power of Eliyahu to turn the hearts of fathers to their children and the disobedient to the wisdom of the righteous, to make ready for Adonai a people prepared.” Luke 1:17Our focus: are we preparing to take personal ownership in our own synagogues/communities now, even though we are young? How can we learn from and honor the generation before us as we move forward into more leadership roles? What can we be doing now to prepare the generation following us?

$55 until March 7th
$65 until Kabbetz
$75 at the door
$10 extra for glatt kosher meals

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